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Building Stone Database for Scotland

Harrison Arch, Edinburgh. NERC©BGS.

Mousa Broch, Shetland. NERC©BGS.

Register House, Edinburgh. NERC©BGS.

Dressed and polished specimen of sandstone from Hailes Quarry, Edinburgh. Click to enlarge. NERC©BGS.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) and Historic Environment Scotland (HES) are working together to create a Building Stone Database for Scotland (BSDS).

The database is expected to launch in 2018.

This ambitious project will compile details for all of the building stones of Scotland (including all currently available and many historical stones) and the quarries and buildings that are associated with them. The information will be supported by images and links to reference materials. It will be a publically accessible web portal, with the long-term objective of helping to maintain and conserve our country's priceless built heritage assets.

How You Can Help: Contributing to the Database

After several years of planning and development, the database is now being populated, and information is already being collected from well-known and readily accessible publications.

However, a large amount of important information about quarries and buildings is likely to exist only in local records. BGS is therefore giving interested individuals and groups the opportunity to contribute their own research to the Building Stone Database for Scotland.

If you hold information that proves a link between a building and the stone that was used in its construction, we would like to hear from you. Please capture this information (by writing it down or taking a digital photograph of it) and send it to us for entry into the Building Stone Database for Scotland. The Building Stone Database for Scotland (BSDS) will also eventually have capability for the public to contribute their own building stone research.

If you are interested in contributing information to the Building Stone Database for Scotland (BSDS), or would like to know more about conducting building stone research in your local area, feel free to contact us by e-mail at: