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Westgate Formation

Computer Code: WGAT Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Llandovery Epoch (SL) — Wenlock Epoch (SW)
Lithological Description: Mainly pale olive-grey to brownish grey sandstones and dark greenish grey to pale red subgreywackes with local greenish grey or brownish grey conglomerate beds and members, up to 60m thick, containing variable contents of igneous, chert, quartz and quartzite pebbles in a coarse-grained sandstone matrix. Includes the Fence Conglomerate, Newside Arenite, Kirk Hill Conglomerate and Eastgate Sandstone members.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Sharp incoming of conglomerate belonging to the Fence Conglomerate Member of the Westgate Formation above the predominantly mudstone member of the Carmichael Burn Formation
Definition of Upper Boundary: The top of the predominantly sandstone succession belonging to the Eastgate Sandstone Member of the Westgate Formation below the incoming greywacke-pebble bearing conglomerate of the Greywacke Conglomerate Formation.
Thickness: c.847 m
Geographical Limits: Carmichael Inlier, around Carmichael, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Parent Unit: Carmichael Group (CARM)
Previous Name(s): Kirk Hill Conglomerate (-2875)
Eastgate Formation (-749)
Fence Conglomerate (-3273)
Newside Arenite (-3901)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Exposures in Carmichael Burn from 150m south of Carmichael Manse (300m ENE of Crossridge Farm) northwards to the southern slopes of Carmichael Hill, Carmichael, Lanarkshire. Rolfe, 1960 
Rolfe, W D I, 1960. The Silurian inlier of Carmichael, Lanarkshire. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Vol.64, 245-260 
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