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Woodrow Clay Member

Computer Code: WCL Preferred Map Code: WwC
Status Code: Full
Age range: Oxfordian Age (JO) — Oxfordian Age (JO)
Lithological Description: Clay; grey, locally ooidal, slightly sandy, patchily fossilferous.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Change from sandy clay and clayey fine-grained sand to commonly ooidal, generally sand-free clay.
Definition of Upper Boundary: At the change to the dominantly limestone sequence of the Cucklington Oolite.
Thickness: 0 - 5m (3 - 4m in the type area); 2.7m in the East Stour Borehole - ST82SW/9.
Geographical Limits: Across much of the Shaftesbury Sheet (313).
Parent Unit: Stour Formation (STOU)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Temporary section (Wright, 1981). 640m at 251 degrees from Fifehead Neville Church. 
Reference Section  East Stour Borehole ST82SW/9; 25.50 to 28.20m depth. 
Wright, J K, 1980. Oxfordian Correlation Chart. "In" Cope, C J W, (Editor). A correlation of Jurassic rocks in the British Isles, Part two: Middle and Upper Jurassic. Geological Society of London Special Report No.15. (p.61-76 in Correlation Chart). 
Bristow, C R, 1989. Geology of Sheets 71NE and 71SE. (Marnhull-Sturminster Newton, Dorset) Part of 1:10,000 Sheet 313 (Shaftesbury). British Geological Survey Technical Report WA/89/59. 
Wright, J K, 1981. The Corallian rocks of north Dorset. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, Vol.92, 17-32. 
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