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Upper Caithness Flagstone Subgroup

Computer Code: UCF Preferred Map Code: UCF
Status Code: Pending Upgrade
Age range: Givetian Age (DV) — Givetian Age (DV)
Lithological Description: Laminated carbonate rich siltstones and shales with subordinate fine-grained, thinly bedded sandstones.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Drawn at the base of the Achanarras Formation, where limestone rests conformably upon sandstone and shale of the Robbery Head Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Drawn at the conformable upward passage of lacustrine sandstone of the Mey Flagstone Formation to fluvial sandstone of the John O'Groats Sandstone Group.
Thickness: c.1500m
Geographical Limits: Northern Highlands of Scotland.
Parent Unit: Caithness Flagstone Group (CNFL)
Previous Name(s): Thurso Group (-2513)
Caithness Flagstone Series (-4751)
Upper Caithness Flagstone Group (-4380)
Upper Caithness Flagstone Formation (-584)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  The County of Caithness. 
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