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Upper Bowland Shale Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: See BSG]

Computer Code: UBS Preferred Map Code: UBS
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Pendleian Substage (CE) — Pendleian Substage (CE)
Lithological Description: Mainly thinly interbedded dark grey fissile mudstone and weakly calcareous or dolomitic blocky or platy, silty mudstone and siltstone.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Base of the Cravenoceras leion Marine Band.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Base of the Pendle Grit Formation. In the normally gradational upwards coarsening sequence this is taken at the point where sandstone becomes predominant over mudstone/siltstone.
Thickness: To c.230m
Geographical Limits: Widespread in Craven Basin including Lancaster, Garstang, Clitheroe, Settle and Harrogate districts.
Parent Unit: Not Entered (?)
Previous Name(s): Roosecote Mudstones [Obsolete Name And Code: See UBS] (ROM)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  Trough of Bowland, Lancashire. Banks of stream immediately west of the Trough of Bowland road. 
Type Section  Little Mearley Clough, Pendle Hill, Clitheroe, Lancs. (Earp and others, 1961) upstream from Little Mearley Hall 950m to 1100m to the southeast. 
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E069 E060 E067 E075 E059 E058 E048