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Stotfield Cherty Rock Formation

Computer Code: STOT Preferred Map Code: Stot
Status Code: Full
Age range: Late Triassic Epoch (TU) — Late Triassic Epoch (TU)
Lithological Description: Sedimentary rock comprising massive pale grey chert, sandy limestone, calcareous sandstone and silicified sandstone of pedogenic origin. Includes red and green mudstones with carbonate concretions in Sutherland.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Base of the pedogenic sedimentary rock (after calcrete) above the Lossiemouth Sandstone Formation or, where the latter is absent, the Burghead Sandstone Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The unconformity with the Jurassic conglomerate, mudstones, siltstones and sandstones above.
Thickness: To 30m
Geographical Limits: Moray Firth Basin, Scotland.
Parent Unit: New Red Sandstone Supergroup (NRS)
Previous Name(s): Cherty Rock Of Stotfield (-3699)
Marls And Cherty Rock (-4348)
The Cherty Rock (-3057)
Alternative Name(s): Stotfield Calcareous Formation
Partial Type Section  Coastal section 100 m. north of Lossiemouth harbour. Peacock, et al., 1968. 
Partial Type Section  70 m. WSW of Dunrobin pier near Golspie, Sutherland. Batten, et al., 1986. 
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1:50K maps on which the lithostratigraphical unit is found, and map code used:
S095 S103