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Saltash Formation

Computer Code: SAH Preferred Map Code: Slt
Status Code: Full
Age range: Emsian Age (DE) — Tournaisian Stage (CT)
Lithological Description: Dark grey and grey silty mudstone with variable but very subordinate amounts of laminae and thin beds of siltstone and sandstone. Bioturbation is locally present, especially in the lower part. There are scattered units of thin- to thick-bedded limestone (eg: Marble Cliff Limestone Member), thin- to thick-bedded sandstone (eg: Wearde Sandstone Member), basaltic lava (spilite), massive and bedded hyaloclastite, and bedded tuff (eg: St Germans Tuff Member).
Definition of Lower Boundary: The lower boundary is mainly thrust out in the east where it is assumed to overlie the Staddon Formation. In the west, on the north Cornish coast, it is taken at the incoming of dark and pale grey mudstones with scattered thin sandstones of the Saltash Formation above the sandstones and siltstones with subordinate mudstones of the underlying Bedruthan Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The upper boundary is predominantly tectonic, except in the east in the Tamar valley, where it is taken at the incoming of dark grey cherts and siliceous mudstones of the Winstow Chert Formation above the mid grey silty mudstones of the Saltash Formation.
Thickness: 3900m on the north Cornwall coast. Comparable thicknesses are expected elsewhere.
Geographical Limits: From Trevose Head area (SW 86 76), north Cornwall to Torquay area (SX 93 65), south Devon.
Parent Unit: Tamar Group (TAMA)
Previous Name(s): Trevose Slate Formation (TVS)
Nordon Formation (NOSL)
Tempellow, Rosenum And Mileport Slate Formation (-1158)
Trevose Slate (-1159)
Nordon Slate (-2406)
Jennycliff Slates [Obsolete Name And Code: Use SAH] (JCS)
Plympton Slate Formation (In Part) (-4311)
Upper Devonian Slate (-4312)
Jennycliff Slate Formation (-3656)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Partial Type Section  River cliff section. Saltmill Creek to Sand Acre Bay. 
Type Section  Cliff section. Mountbatten to Jennycliff Bay. 
Partial Type Section  River cliff on west bank of River Tamar, 380m southwest of the Tamar Bridge, at Saltash, east Cornwall. The section exposes folded silt-laminated grey mudstones, locally bioturbated, with scattered thin beds of sandstone and laminae of limestone. Units of basaltic lava and hyaloclastite are present as well as high-level basaltic intrusions. Neither the lower nor upper contacts of the Formation are exposed. 
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