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Rowe Chalk Formation

Computer Code: ROWE Preferred Map Code: ROWE
Status Code: Full
Age range: Campanian Age (KC) — Maastrichtian Age (KM)
Lithological Description: White, flint-bearing chalk with sporadic marl bands.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The base is taken at a basal flint band of a thick unit of flint-bearing chalk above the thick flint-free unit of the Flamborough Formation; the base of the formation is recognizable within downhole geophysical logs by a change in log trace characteristics.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The upper boundary is the upper limit of the Chalk Group onshore, where unconformably overlain by Quaternary deposits.
Thickness: About 80m preserved.
Geographical Limits: Present only in eastern Holderness, Yorkshire (from approximately Barmston near Bridlington, to Withernsea; see Sumbler, M G, 1999, Fig.1), where it is entirely concealed beneath thick superficial deposits.
Parent Unit: White Chalk Subgroup (WHCK)
Previous Name(s): Rowe Formation [Obsolete Code: Use ROWE] (-2400)
Flamborough Formation (-4039)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  Atwick No 2 (1973) borehole (TA15 SE9), c. 41 to 122 m depth. Thickest known onshore succession. 
Reference Section  Atwick No.1 (1972) borehole (TA15 SE7), c.37m (base of superficial deposits) to c.78m (top of Flamborough Formation) depth. Lower part of formation. 
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