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Rannoch Formation

Computer Code: RANN Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full, pending ratification
Age range: Aalenian Age (JA) — Bajocian Age (JB)
Lithological Description: Northern East Shetland Basin: The formation comprises an upward coarsening succession from mudstone (informally the 'Rannoch Mudstone unit' of Richards et al., 1993) to very fine- or fine-grained sandstone. Southern East Shetland Basin: Upward coarsening sandstones (the 'Rannoch Mudstone unit' is absent). Sandstones are often parallel laminated and hummocky cross-stratified, micaceous, and carbonaceous along the laminations. Individual beds have sharp bases and may show an upward succession from laminated or hummocky cross-stratified sandstone to ripple laminated sandstone. Bioturbation is extensive. Locally calcite-cemented. The 'Ranoch Mudstone unit' comprises a heterolithic succession of interbedded mudstones, siltstones and sandstones. Mudstones and siltstones are dark grey, carbonaceous, micaceous and laminated. Low angle scours truncate laminations in places. Sandstones are thin, very fine-grained and micaceous. Bioturbation is locally intense. South-western East Shetland Basin: Fine-grained, locally medium-grained sandstone.
Definition of Lower Boundary: East Shetland Basin: In the southern part of the East Shetland Basin the boundary is placed at a downward change from very fine-grained, micaceous sandstone to coarser sandstones (Broom Formation). In the northern part of the East Shetland Basin the boundary is marked by a downward change from micaceous mudstones ('Rannoch Mudstone unit') to coarse sandstone (Broom Formation). In both areas there is a down-section decrease in gamma values. South-western part of the East Shetland Basin: downward transition from fine-grained- to medium-grained, micaceous, laminated sandstones (Rannoch Formation) to coarse grained sandstone (Broom Formation). This corresponds to the base of an interval of increased gamma-ray values. North eastern part of East Shetland Basin: micaceous mudstones ('Rannoch Mudstone unit') overlie poorly micaceous mudstones of the Drake Formation (Dunlin Group). This corresponds with a slight down-section decrease in gamma values and increase in velocity.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The boundary is defined by a sharp downward change from coarser, less micaceous, generally structureless sandstones (Etive Formation) to finer, micaceous, laminated sandstones. It coincides with a downward increase in gamma values and and often a downward increase in velocity.
Thickness: Up to c. 100 m.
Geographical Limits: East Shetland Basin and into the Viking Graben. North Sea quadrants 2, 3, 210, 211.
Parent Unit: Brent Group (BRNT)
Previous Name(s): Micaceous Sand (-5198)
Micaceous Sand Bed (-5199)
Rannoch Mudstone Unit (-5200)
Rannoch Shale (-5201)
Rannoch Sub-Unit (-5202)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  North Sea Well 211/29-3 between 2783 and 2819 m below KB (Deegan and Scull, 1977). 
Reference Section  North Sea Well 211/13-7 between 3695.5 and 3798.5 m (Richards et al., 1993). 
Reference Section  North Sea Well 211/18-7 between 3311.5 and 3360 m (Richards et al., 1993). 
Reference Section  North Sea Well 211/27-10 between 3597.5 and 3620.5 m (Richards et al., 1993). 
Reference Section  North Sea Well 3/1-2 between 3783.5 and 3801 m (Richards et al., 1993). 
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