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Queensberry Formation

Computer Code: QBY Preferred Map Code: QBY
Status Code: Full
Age range: Llandovery Epoch (SL) — Llandovery Epoch (SL)
Lithological Description: Sandstone, typically medium- to coarse-grained but ranging from fine- to very coarse-grained, locally pebbly. Generally medium- to very thick-bedded or massive over thicknesses of tens of metres, units up to few metres thin-bedded. Interbedded siltstone or silty mudstone generally thin to medium beds but silstone units range up to several tens of metres locally. Rare conglomerate and intraclast-rich sandstone occur locally. Sandstone siltstone typically bluish grey when fresh, darker grey when weathered. Although of similar facies, the mid-Llandovery Queensberry Formation is younger then the adjacent early Llandovery Mindork Formation. Sandstone in both formations is predominantly quartzo-feldspathic, but is distinguished by accompanying volcanic debris; the Mindork Formation sandstone commonly contains sparse intermediate volcanic lithic debris and associated mafic crystal material (typically pyroxene); volcanic debris may be more common in the Queensberry Formation and tends to be more basic (spilitic) in character, mafic crystal material occurs locally but is relatively rare.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Sedimentological boundary with rocks of the Moffat Shale Group.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Faulted, no stratigraphical evidence preserved.
Thickness: minimum 100m, may be substantially more.
Geographical Limits: Southern Scotland.
Parent Unit: Gala Group (GALA)
Previous Name(s): Buckholm Grits (-3630)
Queensbury (Buckholm) Grits (-476)
Queensbury Grits (-4034)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Partial Type Section  Incised stream section and crags - Hang Gill to Black Craig (Black Hope, Moffatdale). 
Type Section  Quarry at Garpol Side, southwest of Moffat. 
Reference Section  Blaebeck and hillside to north of Black Craig, north of Moffat. 
Partial Type Section  Crags at Redgill Craig and Saddle Craigs (Black Hope, Moffatdale). 
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none recorded or not applicable