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Meriden Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: See SAL]

Computer Code: MRD Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Asturian Substage (CAS) — Stephanian Stage (CS)
Lithological Description: Redbed sequence consisting of interbedded mudstones, sandstones and subordinate thin conglomerates with a few thin beds of Spirorbis limestone; subdivision of sequence into members based on recognition of upwards-coarsening cycles.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Transitional boundary defined in the field at the upwards change from grey measures of the Halesowen Formation to redbeds. Defined on geophysical logs (in uncored boreholes) above a narrow zone of high gamma radiation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Top taken at the highest mappable persistent sandstone beneath the predominantly argillaceous sequence of the overlying Tile Hill Mudstone Formation.
Thickness: c.730m
Geographical Limits: Warwickshire Coalfield (northern part, Sheet 169). Likely to extend in the subcrop across the southern part of the Warwickshire Coalfield (Sheet 184).
Parent Unit: Warwickshire Group (WAWK)
Previous Name(s): Coventry Sandstone Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: See ASY] (CYS)
Keele Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: Use ALY] (KE)
Alternative Name(s): Salop Formation
Type Area  Warwickshire Coalfield; outcrop to the north and east of Meriden, although exposures poor. 
Reference Section  Birch Tree Farm Borehole, SP38SW/161. Lower part of formation cored from 300 m. to base at 519.5m below surface. 
Reference Section  Rough Close Borehole, SP27NE/9. Uncored borehole but full suite of geophysical logs through complete formation. Top defined at 109m, base at c.718m below surface. 
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