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Margate Chalk Member

Computer Code: MACK Preferred Map Code: MaCk
Status Code: Full
Age range: Santonian Age (KS) — Campanian Age (KC)
Lithological Description: Marl-free smooth white chalk with little flint, weakly developed indurated iron-stained sponge beds. There are no formal subdivisions, but informally the member includes a number of laterally persistent flint and marl beds named in Robinson (1986), which can be traced outside Kent in the Southern and "Transitional" provinces where they are correlated with the named beds of Mortimore (1986) within the Newhaven Chalk Formation.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The lower boundary is conformable at the surface immediately above the Barrois Sponge Bed in Thanet (Robinson, 1986).
Definition of Upper Boundary: The upper boundary is limited by the sub-Palaeogene erosion surface in the Isle of Thanet.
Thickness: Up to 24m in the North Foreland to Foreness Point and Palm Bay sections on the Isle of Thanet in north Kent.
Geographical Limits: Confined to the Thanet area of Kent and possible northwards into Essex and southern East Anglia.
Parent Unit: Newhaven Chalk Formation (NCK)
Previous Name(s): Margate Chalk Formation (-1679)
Margate Chalk (-385)
Alternative Name(s): Margate Member
Reference Section  Palm Bay [TR 380 715] on the Isle of Thanet, north Kent. Exposures on the foreshore and above the sea wall show the full formation as known. 
Partial Type Section  White Ness, Margate, northeast Kent. Exposure on the foreshore and in the lower cliffs, see Robinson (1986). 
Partial Type Section  North Foreland [TR 398 705] to Foreness Point [TR 385 717], Margate, northeast Kent. Exposure on the foreshore and lower cliffs, see Robinson (1986). 
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