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Low Scales Beck Member

Computer Code: LWS Preferred Map Code: LwS
Status Code: Full
Age range: Caradoc Series (O4) — Ashgill Series (OA)
Lithological Description: Mixed succession of volcanogenic siltstone, mudstone, sandstone and conglomerate. Overall fining upwards succession that is capped by a palaeosol.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Base of volcanogenic sedimentary succession that overlies various parts of the Millom Park Formation (Borrowdale Volcanic Group).
Definition of Upper Boundary: Base of overlying calcareous siltstone (Kirkley Bank Formation).
Thickness: Up to 170m
Geographical Limits: Local basal conglomerate on south east side of Millom Park, the outcrop (exposed parts) extends from Beck Wood [SD 1584 8073] to Waterblean [SD 1744 8247] Millom Park, Cumbria.
Parent Unit: Kirkley Bank Formation (KKB)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Outcrop adjacent to Low Scales Beck, c.400m north west of Beck Farm, Millom, Cumbria. 
Johnson, E W, Soper, N J, Burgess, I C, Ball, D F, Beddoe-Stephens, B, Carruthers, R M, Fortey, N J, Hirons, S, Merritt, J W, Millward, D, Roberts, B, Walker, A B and Young, B. 2001. Geology of the country around Ulverston. Memoir of the British Geological Survey, England and Wales, Sheet 48. 
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