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Lenthay Limestone Bed

Computer Code: LEN Preferred Map Code: Len
Status Code: Full
Age range: Bathonian Age (JN) — Bathonian Age (JN)
Lithological Description: Micritic limestone with a shelly and argillaceous base and an extensively bioturbated and argillaceous top. Contains abundant Sphaeroidothyris lenthayensis.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Transition from shell-detrital mudstone to shelly argillaceous limestone.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Transition to calcareous mudstone from argillaceous limestone.
Thickness: 0 - c.1m; 0.32m in Purse Caundle Borehole.
Geographical Limits: Lenthay Common, west of Sherborne, to c.1km northwest of Milborne Port.
Parent Unit: Lower Fuller's Earth Member (LFE)
Previous Name(s): Sphaeroidothyris Bed (-2897)
Lenthay Bed (-2288)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Lenthay Common. Bomb crater (1940) on the west side of Lenthay Copse, Lenthay Common, (Fowler, 1957). 
Reference Section  BGS Purse Caundle Borehole (ST71NW/7) (Barton and others, 1993) (89.13 to 89.45m depth). 
Reference Section  Housing Estate, Lenthay Common. Foundation and drainage trenches on Lenthay Common, exposed 1967 (Torrens, 1968) 
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