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Kreftenheye Formation

Computer Code: KR Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Pending Upgrade
Age range: Pleistocene Epoch (QP) — Pleistocene Epoch (QP)
Lithological Description: Fine- to medium-grained fluviatile sands, locally gravelly and commonly containing marine shells reworked from Eem Formation.
Definition of Lower Boundary: In Netherlands rests on Pliocene marine sands in type section. Rests on Eem Formation (marine sands) or Ijmuiden Ground Formation (early Pleistocene prodelta sediments in Flemish Bight).
Definition of Upper Boundary: Overlain in Flemish Bight by Holocene marine sands.
Thickness: 16 metres (maximum 8 metres in Flemish Bight Sheet).
Geographical Limits: Not defined.
Parent Unit: Not Entered (?)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
none recorded or not applicable
Zagwijn, W H and Staalduinen, C J van den. 1960. "In" Toelichting Bij Geologische Overzichtskaarten Van Nederland. Rijks Geologische Denst. 
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none recorded or not applicable