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Hythie Till Formation

Computer Code: HYTIL Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Devensian Stage (QD) — Devensian Stage (QD)
Lithological Description: Gravelly, clayey silty sand diamicton. Typically brown/dark brown (10YR 4/3), with greyish brown/grey ped faces, very stiff, non-calcareous, matrix-supported. Clast angularity ranges from angular to subrounded. Clast lithologies are varied and include psammitic, pelitic and quartzitic metasedimentary rock, felsite, mafic igneous rocks, slate, grey granite and sparse red sandstone, flint and a single Norwegian "Rhomb Porphyry". Clast fabrics indicate glacial transport from the west and westsouthwest. Interpreted as a subglacial till.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Typically the formation has a sharp, planar, subhorizontal, erosional basal boundary on sediments of the Corsend Gelifluctate Bed (e.h. east and south faces, Kirkhill Quarry (infilled). In other situations the basal boundary can be more complex - e.g. northeast face, Leys Quarry (disused). Here the formation displays either a sharp, undulating, unconformable, basal boundary on brown diamicton of the Rottenhill Till Formation; or a sharp to gradational basal/lateral, glaciotectonic, boundary with sheets and rafts of black clayey diamicton of the Corse Diamicton Member (Whitehills Glacigenic Formation).
Definition of Upper Boundary: Typically the upper boundary is the present ground surface. Within the valleys of the north and south Ugie Waters the upper boundary can be sharp, erosional with overlying glaciofluvial or alluvial sands and gravels.
Thickness: To 3m
Geographical Limits: Buchan, northeast Scotland. The formation is known in the vicinity of Kirkhill Quarry (infilled) (centred on NK 0120 5285) and Leys Quarry (disused) (centred on NK 0040 5250), and more widely as a surface, or subsurface deposit in the area of north and south Ugie Water valleys on Sheet 87W (Ellon). The unit might be regionally significant and present locally across northeastern Scotland.
Parent Unit: East Grampian Glacigenic Subgroup (EGD)
Previous Name(s): Kirkhill Upper Till (-2859)
Hythie Member (-977)
Unweathered Kirkhill Till (-2256)
Hythie Till Formation (HYTIL)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Partial Type Section  East face, Kirkhill Quarry (infilled), 7km southeast of Stricken, Buchan, northeast Scotland. Connell, Hall and Romans, 1984. 
Partial Type Section  Northeast face of Leys Quarry (disused), 6.5km southeast of Stricken, Buchan, northeast Scotland. Connell (unpublished work 1990 - details available from ERC. 
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none recorded or not applicable