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Highley Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: See HA]

Computer Code: HYG Preferred Map Code: Hyg
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Asturian Substage (CAS) — Asturian Substage (CAS)
Lithological Description: Sandstones and grey shales with Spirorbis limestones and coal seams.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Unconformable on the Old Hill ('Etruria') Marl.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Placed at colour change from grey beds of Highley Formation to red beds of the Keele Formation.
Thickness: 91-183m
Geographical Limits: Wyre Forest Coalfield.
Parent Unit: Warwickshire Group (WAWK)
Previous Name(s): Highley Beds (-4109)
Highley Group (-335)
Alternative Name(s): Halesowen Formation
Type Area  Vicinity of village of Highley, Shropshire. 
Reference Section  Highley No. 1 Pit section. (Whitehead and Pocock, 1947, Plate IV). From top of pit to 413ft. 6ins (c. 126.04m). 
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