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Hope Beck Formation

Computer Code: HBE Preferred Map Code: Hbe
Status Code: Full
Age range: Arenig Series (OR) — Arenig Series (OR)
Lithological Description: Dark grey siltstone and mudstone in laminated and very thin beds, with up to 5% sandstone mainly in thin and medium beds; sporadic pebbly mudstone beds are also present.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Not exposed.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Taken at junction with the overlying Loweswater Formation.
Thickness: 600 to 800m
Geographical Limits: Occurs within the Skiddaw inlier in the vicinity of Hope Beck and on the east side of Dodd. It is not recognised in any other inlier.
Parent Unit: Skiddaw Group (SKG)
Previous Name(s): Hope Beck Slates (-1588)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  The vicinity of Hope Beck and the east flank of Dodd. Cooper et al, 1995. 
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1:50K maps on which the lithostratigraphical unit is found, and map code used:
E029 E022 E023