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Gullane Formation

Computer Code: GUL Preferred Map Code: GUL
Status Code: Full
Age range: Chadian Substage (CI) — Holkerian Substage (CQ)
Lithological Description: Mainly pale sandstones interbedded with grey to dark grey mudstones and siltstones. Subordinate coal, seatrock, ostracod-limestone/dolomite and sideritic ironstone. Thin marine bands also occur.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The base is taken at the top of the Garleton Hills, Arthurs Seat or equivalent volcanic beds, where present; elsewhere at the lowest carbonaceous, coaly or rooty beds.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The top is drawn at the base of the lowest of the Macgregor Marine Bands (Wilson, 1974).
Thickness: Spilmersford Borehole 132m, Skateraw Borehole 121m+, Birnieknowes Borehole 150m. Estimated thickness in Edinburgh area is c. 560m.
Geographical Limits: Lothians; south Fife; Berwickshire.
Parent Unit: Strathclyde Group (SYG)
Previous Name(s): Lower Oil-Shale Group [Part] (-4074)
Oxroad Group Tuffs [Obsolete Name And Code: Part Of GUL] (OGT)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Spilmersford Borehole NT46SE/73 from 155.44 - 287.27m depth. 
Partial Type Section  Coastal section at Cockburnspath. (McAdam and Clarkson 1986; Greig, 1988). 
Chisholm, J I, MacAdam, A D, Brand, P J. 1989. Lithostratigraphical classification of Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous rocks in the Lothians. British Geological Survey Technical Report, WA/89/26. 
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S041 S024 S032 S032 S033 S033 S034 S040 S040