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Farlow Sandstone Formation

Computer Code: FRL Preferred Map Code: Frl
Status Code: Full
Age range: Famennian Age (DA) — Famennian Age (DA)
Lithological Description: Large-scale, planar cross-bedded, yellow sandstone and pebbly sandstone overlain by grey pebbly calcareous sandstone.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The lower boundary of the formation is placed at an unconformity where the basal conglomerate sharply overlies red-brown mudstones of the St Maughans Formation (at the type section) or red sandstones of the Brownstones Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The upper boundary is placed at an unconformity where the topmost grey sandstones of the formation are sharply overlain by the basal conglomerate of the Carboniferous-age Oreton Limestone Formation (Avon Group).
Thickness: The formation is 70 to 154m thick.
Geographical Limits: West of Farlow [SO 63 80] extending eastward to east of Prescott [SO 67 81], Shropshire.
Parent Unit: Upper Old Red Sandstone Group (ORSU)
Previous Name(s): Farlow Group (-4050)
Farlow Series (-5076)
Farlow Sandstone Group (-5075)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Partial Type Section  Farlow Bank where a 1.2m-thick basal quartz conglomerate is overlain by 4.9m of yellow pebbly sandstone [SO 639 807]. 
Reference Section  Roadside exposures at Prescott, Shropshire [SO 663 812]. Dineley (1999) 
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E166 E167 E181