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Fodderstone Gravel Member

Computer Code: FOGR Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Quaternary Period (Q) — Quaternary Period (Q)
Lithological Description: Cross stratified and horizontally bedded sand with gravelly beds.Gravels contain a high percentage of quartz and quartzite clasts in addition to flint clasts.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Conformably overlies the Shouldham Thorpe Gravel Member (Unit 1 Shouldham Sands and gravels of Lewis, p.127-130 in Lewis et al, 1991)
Definition of Upper Boundary: Ground surface
Thickness: Up to about 3m
Geographical Limits: Restricted to area around Shouldham Thorpe
Parent Unit: Shouldham Sand and Gravel Formation (SMSG)
Previous Name(s): Bytham Sands And Gravels;Unit 2,Shouldham Sands Of Lewis,P.127-130 In Lewis Et Al 1991 (-2805)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Section in Shouldham Thorpe Pit adjacent to 'The Firs' Shouldham Thorpe,Norfolk Rose, 1987 
Rose, J. 1987. Status of the Wolstonian glaciation in the British Quaternary. Quaternary Newsletter, Vol.53, 1-9. 
Bowen, D Q. 1999. A revised correlation of Quaternary deposits in the British Isles. Geological Society Special Report, No. 23. 
Lewis, S G. 1991. Shouldham Thorpe, Norfolk. In Central East Anglia and the Fen Basin; field guide. Lewis, G, Whiteman, C A and Bridgland, D R (editors). Quaternary Research Association.127-130. 
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none recorded or not applicable