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Eskett Limestone Formation

Computer Code: ESKT Preferred Map Code: ESKT
Status Code: Full
Age range: Holkerian Substage (CQ) — Pendleian Substage (CE)
Lithological Description: Limestone with thin interbeds of sandstone, siltstone, mudstone, bentonitic mudstone and seatearth mudstone.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The base of the Sixth Limestone Member, at the base of the lowest significant limestone bed above the mudstone, at the top of the underlying Seventh Limestone Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The top of the First/Great Limestone Member, marked by a succession from thick-bedded limestone to mudstone and sandstone of the Hensingham Grit Member.
Thickness: From 100m to 150m
Geographical Limits: West and North Cumbria between Whitehaven and Penrith. The western limit is the truncation below the Permo-Triassic basal unconformity. The Eastern limit is taken at the Kirk Rigg Fault along the line of the A66 highway, west of Penrith (McCormack, 2001).
Parent Unit: Great Scar Limestone Group (GSCL)
Previous Name(s): Lower Alston Group [Obsolete Name And Code: See ESKT] (AGL)
Fourth Limestone (-2175)
Part Of: Chief Limestone Group (-2789)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Partial Type Section  Eskett limestone Quarry, Frizington, Cumbria. Stabbins, 1969. 
Reference Section  Borehole NY01NE9, Low Leys Farm, Lamplugh, Cumbria. Rockhead down to 194 m. W H C Ramsbottom, 1955. 
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