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Escrick Moraine Member

Computer Code: ESKRM Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Devensian Stage (QD) — Devensian Stage (QD)
Lithological Description: Mainly greyish brown to yellowish brown, poorly sorted, gravelly sandy clay to slightly gravelly clay matrix with a little, ranging to much, gravel and cobbles (Morainic Till).
Definition of Lower Boundary: Not exposed. The Escrick moraine is generally resting in older glaciolacustrine deposits of the Heminbrough Glaciolacustrine Formation. The contact between these two deposits can be irregular and glaciotectonised.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Not exposed, or the present land surface. The unit is overlain locally by younger fluvial and aeolian deposits.
Thickness: Up to 20 to 30m recorded in borehole SE44SE/364 and 18.4m in borehole SE44SE/356; in type section it is up to 13.4m thickand in all boreholes the deposit rests on thin laminated clay belonging to underlying Heminbrough Glaciolacustrine Formation.
Geographical Limits: The limites of this Member are defined by the morphological limits of the Escrick Moraine from Stillingfleet in the west past Elvington towards Stamford Bridge in the north.
Parent Unit: Vale Of York Formation (VYORK)
Previous Name(s): Escrick Moraine (-4031)
Morainic Drift [Not Recommended For Future Use: See MORD] (DOD)
Bickerton Moraines Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: Use ESKRM] (BICKM)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Borehole at Stillingfleet about 4.5km to southwest of Escrick. Noted by Kendall and Wroot (1924, 526). The borehole is interpreted as showing glacial till of the Escrick Moraine Member resting on laminated silt and clay of the Hemingbrough Glaciolacustrine Formation. 
Reference Section  The Newton upon Derwent Clay Pit (SE 72600 50300. 400m north east of Newton Lodge. The site shows interdigitation of morainic tills ith the laminated silt and clay of the Heminbrough Glaciolacustrine Formation. 
Reference Section  Temporary section in pipeline immediately west of Wheldrake. Described by Gaunt (1970). 
Reference Section  500m to southwest of Wheldrake a temporary section in pipeline trench. 
Kendall, P F and Wroot, H E. 1924. The geology of Yorkshire: An illustration of the evolution of northern England, p.528. Printed privately for the authors in Vienna by Hollinek Brothers, printers of scientific books. 
Gaunt, G D. 1970. A temporary section through the Escrick Moraine at Wheldrake, East Yorkshire. Journal of Earth Sciences, Leeds, Vol.8 part 1, 163-180. 
1:50k geological map of Selby (Sheet 71) (in prep): Selby Sheet Explantion (in prep). 
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