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Edale Shale Group [Obsolete Name And Code: Use BSG]

Computer Code: ESH Preferred Map Code: ESH
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Namurian Stage (CN) — Namurian Stage (CN)
Lithological Description: Dark grey and grey mudstones with subordinate bands of limestone, ironstone, siliceous sandstone and siltstone, and calcareous siltstone.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Incoming of Cravenoceras leion, or where limestone bands decrease markedly upwards in a mudstone sequence.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Base of lowest significant feldspathic sandstone (Mam Tor Sandstones in type area).
Thickness: Varies greatly, 0 at basin margin, 240m in type area, 370m in Alport Borehole.
Geographical Limits: Central and south Pennines; Peak District; North Staffordshire Basin, Widmerpool Gulf.
Parent Unit: Not Entered (?)
Previous Name(s): Edale Shales (-1397)
Alternative Name(s): Bowland Shale Formation
Reference Section  For most of group including base: Duffield Borehole: 0.86 to 405.78m depth:E1a to H1a mudstone resting conformably on Widmerpool Formation: Aitkenhead, 1977. 
Reference Section  For full group: Tansley Borehole from 462ft 7ins (140.99m)(base of Ashover Grit) to 962ft 8.5ins (293.43m)(base of Cravenoceras leion Band). Ramsbottom et al, 1962. 
Reference Section  Edale Borehole: borehole, 0-325ft (99.06m) depth: covers base to E1b 
Reference Section  Alport borehole: borehole 20ft to 1099ft (6.09-334.97m): covers base to H2 
Type Area  Edale, Derbyshire: stream sections detailed on 1:25,000 geological sheet SK18 (Castleton) and in Stevenson and Gaunt, 1971. 
Reference Section  For most of group including top: Blake Brook, discontinuous stream section (see Aitkenhead et al, 1985, fig 28; measured sections: SK06SE/14,15,16,17). 
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1:50K maps on which the lithostratigraphical unit is found, and map code used:
E123 E142 E141