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Elgin Calcrete Formation

Computer Code: ELCA Preferred Map Code: ENC
Status Code: Pending Upgrade
Age range: Late Devonian Epoch (DU) — Late Devonian Epoch (DU)
Lithological Description: Pale grey and reddish brown, calcareous, marly sandstones, which have been significantly replaced by calcite and chert.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Requires fieldwork, or further research.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Requires fieldwork, or further research.
Thickness: Requires fieldwork, or further research.
Geographical Limits: The Moray Firth coast around Elgin.
Parent Unit: Forres Sandstone Group (FSA)
Previous Name(s): Cornstone Beds (Of Inverness, Nairn, Banff) (CRNI)
Alternative Name(s): Cothall Limestone Member
none recorded or not applicable
Fletcher, T P. 1996, A review of the lithostratigraphy of the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup in Scotland north of a line from Fort William to Aberdeen. BGS Technical Report WA/96/39R. 
Peacock, J D, Berridge, N G, Harris, A L, May, F. 1968. The geology of the Elgin District. Memoir of the Geological Survey of Scotland. Sheets 86 and 96 (Scotland). (Edinburgh: HMSO). 
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