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Edenside Till Formation

Computer Code: EDTI Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Devensian Stage (QD) — Devensian Stage (QD)
Lithological Description: Stiff,reddish brown,very sandy ,silty clayey diamicton with clasts mainly derived from the Vale of Eden (mostly brown 'Penrith' and red 'St Bees' sandstones,but including Carboniferous limestone and yellow sandstones)the Lake District (including andasitic lavas and welded tuffs) and the Alston Block (sandstone and grit) but also with sparse granodiorite,granite and wacke sandstones from the Galloway Hills of Scotland.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Generally a sharp,unconformable contact with bedrock,but commonly a gradational unconformable contact with weathered/decomposed sandstone.Boreholes reveal a locally sharp unconformable contact with sand and gravel which in turn overlies bedrock.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Generally ar surface or overlain unconformably by a variety of Flandrian sediments including peat and alluvium.Locally unconformably overlain by sand and gravel of the glaciofluvial Baronwood Sand and Gravel Formation
Thickness: Up to 20m
Geographical Limits: The Vale of Eden north-west of Appleby-in -Westmorland and south of Carlisle,including ground mostly underlain by Permo-Triassic rocks.
Parent Unit: Central Cumbria Glacigenic Subgroup (CCGL)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): Eden Member of Penrith Fm of Bowen et al. (1999)
Type Section  River cliff sections on the northern side of the floodplain of the River Eamont between 1 nad 3km downstream of Eamont Bridge,Penrith Arthurton and Wadge,1981 
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