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Ditton Subgroup

Computer Code: DTG Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Lochkovian Age (DO) — Pragian Age (DP)
Lithological Description: Red mudstones, red-brown, purple and green sandstones and fish-bearing intraformational conglomerates; some mature soil carbonate horizons, in addition to numerous calcrete glaebule horizons. The lithologies are commonly arranged in fining-upwards cycles.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The lower boundary is placed at top of the Bishop’s Frome (Psammosteus) Limestone Member at the top of the Raglan Mudstone Formation, where overlain by red mudstone of the St Maughans Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The upper boundary is placed at the base of Brownstones Formation and (locally) Senni Formation, where sandstone-dominated sequences begin. The upper boundary is locally placed at top of the Upper Abdon Limestone Member in the Clee Hills.
Thickness: Up to 600 m.
Geographical Limits: Present at crop in the West Midlands, Welsh Borderland, south-east and south-central Wales.
Parent Unit: Lower Old Red Sandstone Group (LORS)
Previous Name(s): Ditton Group (-5136)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
none recorded or not applicable
Allen, J R L. 1977. Wales and the Welsh Borders. 40-54 in M R. House et al. A correlation of Devonian rocks in the British Isles. Geological Society, London, Special Report No. 7. 
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none recorded or not applicable