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Dalry Sandstone Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: Part Of LSC]

Computer Code: DLST Preferred Map Code: DlSt
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Pendleian Substage (CE) — Pendleian Substage (CE)
Lithological Description: Cyclical sequences of mostly upward-coarsening cycles of mudstone, siltstone, sandstone, with coal and ironstones, but dominantly sandstone.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Taken at the lithological change from dominantly sandstone-bearing cyclical sequences to the underlying mudstones of the Kilbirnie Mudstone Formation
Definition of Upper Boundary: Taken at the base of the Upper Limestone Formation, defined at the base of the Index Limestone or at the relevant plane of unconformity if the Index Limestone is not present
Thickness: c.145m, but variable
Geographical Limits: Presently used in north Ayrshire
Parent Unit: Clackmannan Group (CKN)
Previous Name(s): Limestone Coal Group (-2759)
Alternative Name(s): Dalry Sandstone Member
Type Section  Maid Water, upstream of the Maid Bridge 
Reference Section  Dalry Creamery Bore, NS24NE/54. 
Browne, M A E, Dean, M T, Hall, I H S, McAdam, A D and Monro, S K, 1995. A review of the lithostratigraphy of the Carboniferous rocks of the Midland Valley of Scotland. BGS Technical Report, WA/95/25R. 
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