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Delamere Sandstone Member

Computer Code: DELA Preferred Map Code: DmS
Status Code: Full
Age range: Early Triassic Epoch (TE) — Anisian Age (TA)
Lithological Description: Sandstone and pebbly sandstone with subordinate mudstone beds. Reddish-orange and pale yellow. Planar and trough cross-bedded or massive. Common intraformational pebbles of sandstone and mudstone and extraformational quartz, up to 2.5cm. The Member is more strongly cemented than those immediately above and below, and is therefore commonly more resistant and consequentially commonly feature-forming.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Lowermost occurrence of dominantly pebbly sandstone overlying pebble-free weakly cemented sandstone of the Wilmslow Sandstone Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Uppermost occurrence of pebbly sandstone under weakly cemented pebble-free sandstone of the Frodsham Soft Sandstone Member (Helsby Sandstone Formation), or under interbedded siltstone and sandstone of the Tarporley Siltstone Formation (Mercia Mudstone Group).
Thickness: 40m (Helsby area); c.90m (north Wirral).
Geographical Limits: Cheshire Basin; possibly southern part of the East Irish Sea Basin.
Parent Unit: Helsby Sandstone Formation (HEY)
Previous Name(s): Basement Beds (-3812)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Helsby Hill, north Cheshire. Thompson, D B, 1970a. 
Reference Section  Irby Hill Quarry, Irby, Wirral. Hough, E, 1999. 
Partial Type Section  Helsby Sandstone Quarry. Thompson, D B, 1970a. 
Reference Section  Over Helsby Hill. Thompson, D B, 1970a. 
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