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Islay Subgroup

Computer Code: DBIS Preferred Map Code: Isly
Status Code: Full
Age range: Neoproterozoic Era (AZ) — Neoproterozoic Era (AZ)
Lithological Description: Diamictite ('Boulder Bed') with limestone clasts in its lower part and quartzite and granite clasts in upper part attains maximum thickness in Port Askaig area and on Garvellachs; overlying quartzite reaches 5km in thickness on Jura but is more usually 0.5 - 1km thick; dolomitic beds are locally developed near base of quartzite. In Ladder Hills area graded psammites and semipelites intervene between diamictite and quartzite.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Generally transitional over a few metres at base of tillite of Port Askaig (Schiehallion) Boulder Bed.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Abrupt transition from quartzite to graphitic pelite (Easdale) or mixed psammite, semipelite and pelite (Perthshire).
Thickness: Up to 5km
Geographical Limits: Connemara; North Mayo; Donegal; Islay, Jura, from Loch Rannoch to Glen Tilt, from near Spittal of Glen Shee via Upper Deeside, Donside and Ladder Hills to the coast between Sandend and Portsoy.
Parent Unit: Argyll Group (ARGY)
Previous Name(s): Tillite (Banffshire) [Obsolete Name And Code: See DBIS, DBST, DBPT] (DBBT)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  North-east Islay and Jura. (Spencer, A M, 1971. Anderton, R, 1976). 
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