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Coulins Burn Striped Member

Computer Code: CBST Preferred Map Code: SYMB
Status Code: Full
Age range: Neoproterozoic Era (AZ) — Neoproterozoic Era (AZ)
Lithological Description: Semipelite and psammite, notably striped and banded.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Upper limit of quartzites of underlying Caochandye Quartzite Member.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Lower limit of graphitic pelites of overlying Glenbuchat Graphitic Schist Formation.
Thickness: Probably c. 400m (based on outcrop width and making no allowance for probable tight folding).
Geographical Limits: N-S-trending outcrop, 500-1500m wide, extending from Allt na Craoibhe-Caorainn [NJ 320 256] to Tolduquhill area [NJ 30 15], Glen Nochty, Moray District. 1:50 000 Sheet 75E.
Parent Unit: Culchavie Striped Formation (CUST)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Coulins Burn, Glenbuchat. 
Memoir of the British Geological Survey, Sheet 75, in preparation. 
Fettes, D J, Lesley, A G, Stephenson, D and Kimbell, S F, 1991. Disruption of Dalradian stratigarphy along the Portsey Lineament from new geological and magnetic surveys. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol.27, 57-73. 
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