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Hanging Rocks Formation

Computer Code: CBHR Preferred Map Code: CBHR
Status Code: Full
Age range: Ediacaran Period (AD) — Ediacaran Period (AD)
Lithological Description: Grades from a basal facies of poorly sorted, grey, small-pebble conglomerates interbedded with coarse-grained sandstones, to graded sandstones and thin conglomerates, with grey tuffaceous mudstones and siltstones above.
Definition of Lower Boundary: No longer seen, formerly stated to sharply overlie "coarse green hornstones" that are now referred to the Bradgate Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Not seen. The unit fines upwards, towards the base of the overlying Swithland Formation, but an unconformity is suspected since the latter is now regarded as of Early Cambrian age.
Thickness: Variable, 0 to 47m
Geographical Limits: Restricted to Charnwood Forest, the most definite occurrences are between Bradgate Park and Charnwood Forest Golf Course.
Parent Unit: Maplewell Group (CMV)
Previous Name(s): Hanging Rocks Conglomerate Member (-2667)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  On Charnwood Forest Golf Course, to the east and west of the 18th hole. 
Reference Section  Small exposure on side of south-facing slope in Bradgate Park, about 500m south of the Roecliffe Road entrance. 
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