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Ballyagen Formation

Computer Code: BGAN Preferred Map Code: AGAN
Status Code: Full
Age range: Early Devonian Epoch (DL) — Early Devonian Epoch (DL)
Lithological Description: Sandstone, purplish brown and grey, very coarse-grained with small pebbles, volcaniclastic, fine-to medium-grained, parallel and cross-laminated and mudstones, reddish brown, laminated to massive with desiccation cracks, calcrete.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Gradational from preceeding Cushendun Formation by loss of conglomerates and increase in volcaniclastic detritus.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Abrupt transition to succeeding Cushendall Formation by appearance of massive boulder conglomerates with volcaniclastic detritus.
Thickness: 0-600m (0-1968ft).
Geographical Limits: Northeast Co Antrim between Cushendun and Cushendall on the east flank of Cross Slieve.
Parent Unit: Cross Slieve Group (CSSL)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  Shoreface cliffs and outcrops on the east side of Cross Slieve south of Cushendun extending south to Port Obe. Irish Grid 
Simon, J B. 1984. Provenance and depositional history of the Lower Old Red Sandstone of northeast Antrim. Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 6, 213-228. 
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