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Auglish Sandstone Member

Computer Code: AGH Preferred Map Code: AGH
Status Code: Full
Age range: Visean Stage (CV) — Visean Stage (CV)
Lithological Description: Silica rich sandstone
Definition of Lower Boundary: Apparently conformable on un-named red mudstone and sandstone in Derryloran Formation (boundary not seen).
Definition of Upper Boundary: Apparently conformably overlain by unnamed shale and "muddy" sandstone in Derryloran Formation (boundary not seen).
Thickness: 7.5m
Geographical Limits: Aughlish and Lower Kildress Townlands, south east Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
Parent Unit: Derryloran Formation (DLN)
Previous Name(s): UPPER SANDSTONE
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Quarry pit (overgrown) south (right hand) bank Ballenderry River, 150m north west of Aughlish Bridge. 
Reference Section  Kildress Sand Boreholes (GSNI). Northern Ireland ref. no. 26/3, 26/4, 26/5. 
Padget, P, 1952. Carboniferous Beds at Kildress, Co.Tyrone. Irish Naturalists' Journal, Vol.X, no.9 
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