Coastal landslides and coastal erosion

Geologists mapping the landslides at the coast

Monitoring coastal erosion and landslides using Terrestrial LiDAR

Terrestrial Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a land-based laser scanner which, combined with a highly accurate differential GPS, enables us to produce 3D computer models of landslides at the coast — see Terrestrial LiDAR Survey Techniques.

Mapping coastal landslides

We are researching the nature, distribution and risk of landsliding along the coast of Great Britain. This research will assess the extent of the hazard posed by coastal recession and landsliding around the country.

The aims to this work are:

  • to produce a detailed landslide map for the whole of the British coast
  • to carry out a hazard assessment for landslides at the coast
  • produce a coastal landslide susceptibility map

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