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IODP produce an authoritative series of publications that summarise the scientific and/or technical accomplishments of each IODP expedition. For more information on these publications click here.

Participation - Access Data and Samples

The IODP oversees several repositories around the world that contain DSDP and ODP cores and will contain IODP cores. Samples are distributed according to ODP and IODP policies. Please click here for further information on sample and data access sites and links to The IODP Sample, Data, and Obligations Policy. This document replaces the interim policy and shall be applied retroactively to all IODP expeditions since Expedition 301, as well as DSDP/ODP/IODP sample requests after Nov 1, 2005.

Further ODP data and sample information can be found at the following sites:

IODP Site Survey Data Bank

The Data Bank is the repository of site survey data submitted by IODP proponents in support of Riser, Non-Riser and Mission Specific drilling proposals. Data submitted are for use within the drilling program, and are protected by the IODP policy on proprietary data.

IODP-MSP Data Portal - WDC-Mare/Pangaea Information Service

Within the Integrated Ocean Drilling Project WDC-MARE/PANGAEA is responsible for the data handling, long-term storage and publication of scientific cruise and post-cruise data of IODP-Mission Specific Platform (MSP) expeditions. WDC-MARE/PANGAEA is contractor of the ECORD Science Operator (ESO).

The World Data Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences, WDC-MARE is aimed at collecting, scrutinizing, and disseminating data related to global change in the fields of environmental oceanography, marine geology, paleoceanography, and marine biology. It focuses on georeferenced data using the information system PANGAEA. PANGAEA Network for Geological and Environmental Data is an information system for processing, long-term storage, and publication of heterogeneous georeferenced data related to earth science.

ODP-TAMU Janus Web Database

Janus Web provides access to ODP's Oracle relational database Janus. The database contains 450 tables of ODP's marine geoscience data that are collected onboard the drillship JOIDES Resolution. The database includes palaeontological, lithostratigraphic, chemical, physical, sedimentological, and geophysical data for ocean sediments and hard rocks.

IODP Metadatabases

IODP Metadatabases in development

SEDIS - Scientific Earth Drilling Information System (IN DEVELOPMENT)

This is a metadatabase designed to include information from both IODP and ICDP including both geographic information, measurement data and publications. The metadatabase is currently in development with the first phase, developing the portal, being undertaken by the people who developed the PANGAEA network for geoscientific and environmental data. This portal should be online soon for testing.

This metadatabase will comprise metadata submitted by all the Implementing Organisations (IOs) adhering to an IODP standard metadata format. SEDIS will include metadata from ICDP in the future and will also be able to link into the Site Survey Data Bank (see below).

SMCS - Sample Management and Curation System (IN DEVELOPMENT)

This system will replace the current IODP sample request procedures. All the IODP core repositories are currently working towards integrating all their metadata into this system which will link all the core stores and provide a 'one stop shop' for people to find out what material is available, submit sample requests and track their request. This system will be linked to SEDIS once both systems are up and running.

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