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IODP Meetings

Through direct funding, and/or by providing travel and subsistence support for participating UK scientists, UK-IODP dedicates a portion of funding for IODP-related conferences and workshops. This includes annually supporting students and early-career scientists participating in the excellent ECORD Summer Schools, as well as the roughly bi-annual UK-IODP conferences. This also includes supporting individual UK scientists to participate in IODP conferences held abroad, as well as co-funding UK-based events. Participating in, or hosting IODP meetings is an important factor in maintaining UK scientist's success within the programme.

Attending international meetings

Recent examples of where UK-IODP has provided support (travel and subsistence costs) include: 'Chikyu +10', and the 'IODP Drilling Proposals in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin (BEM)'.

Support for UK-based events

Examples of where UK-IODP has provided co-funding for hosting events include the 'TMS Conference 2013 - Micropalaeontology and the IODP: Past, Present and Future Applications', and the 2010 PALSEA workshop.

If you would like to attend an IODP meeting, or host an event in the UK, please contact the Science Coordinator (ukiodp@bgs.ac.uk) for further information. While there is a fixed budget, there are no set criteria for applying as available funding will fluctuate according to other supported activities. Funding decisions will be taken by the Science Coordinator, NERC, and members of the Programme Advisory Group.

Please be aware that funding for workshops is also available at the European level through the Magellan+ workshop series (http://www.ecord.org/magellanplus.html).

UKIODP has sponsored participants in the following recent meetings/workshops:

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009

More information on up-coming international meetings and workshops can be found on the ECORD website

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