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Application forms and instructions are available at the websites of each Implementing Organization. For UK scientists and scientists from other ECORD countries applications must be submitted to the ECORD Science Support Advisory Committee (ESSAC). ESSAC has been appointed by ECORD as the "National Office" for ECORD participation in IODP.

Staffing decisions are made in consultation with, co-chief scientists, the implementing organisations (JOI Alliance for the non-riser vessel, ECORD Science Operator for mission-specific platforms, and CDEX for the riser vessel Chikyu), and reviewed by the IODP Central Management Office. Final staffing authority lies with the respective implementing organisation.

The IODP is a unique scientific endeavour. One of the most unusual aspects is the opportunities it presents for people at all stages of their academic careers to be involved, from distinguished professor to undergraduates.

The most up to date Expedition Schedule is available on the IODP website. Cruise dates may be subject to modification, but applications are being accepted for all expeditions. For more information on deadlines for applications please visit the ESSAC website or contact the UKIODP Science Coordinator for more information.


Anyone interested in participating in any expedition is encouraged to complete an application as instructed on the ESSAC website. Guidelines and application forms can be found under "PARTICIPATION" on the ESSAC homepage. Additional information about all the expeditions can be found at IODP and the ESSAC website.

All UK applicants must submit their application to sail online at ESSAC. Please also send copies of your application to the UK IODP Science Coordinator and UK ESSAC Representative. Applicants will be notified in due course. Successful UK applicants should contact the Science Coordinator for information on travel and subsistence for participating on Legs.

If you have any comments or questions then please do not hesitate to contact the UK Science Coordinator Dayton Dove).

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