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Moratorium Awards

For expeditions commencing after 1 October 2013, all UK participants in IODP will be eligible for, and expected to submit applications for 'Moratorium Awards'. At the onset of the new domestic IODP programme (2013-2018), Moratorium awards improve post-expedition funding for UK participants, and replace the previous 'ring fenced' pot of UK-IODP standard grant round funding which was allocated from 2004-2013.

Moratorium Awards will combine funding to cover:

Moratorium period research funding levels: Awards will be paid at 80% FEC, with maximum limits of:

Detailed guidance may be found on the NERC website:

For further questions please contact the Science Coordinator (ukiodp@bgs.ac.uk), or Programme Administrator (daig@nerc.ac.uk). Applications will continue to be through the JeS website.

*Note that expedition (including post-cruise meetings) travel and subsistence (T&S) costs should not be included in Moratorium Award applications, and should be claimed through the science coordinator (ukiodp@bgs.ac.uk). General guidelines on claiming T&S may be found here: http://www.bgs.ac.uk/iodp/tands.html

Rapid Response Grants

The UK IODP Rapid Response Grant system has been overhauled. We now offer grants to scientists working on IODP data in order to fund conference, workshop and meeting attendance.

If you are a scientist who has utilised IODP data, but have not sailed (and therefore are not eligible for Moratorium Grants), then the UK IODP Rapid Response Grant is for you.

We ask that those who use this grant to please submit a small article to UK IODP about what you used the grant for, so that we can add this to our newsletters.

Please contact the UK IODP Science Coordinator at ukiodp@bgs.ac.uk for more information or to apply.

Please note that applications for Rapid Response Grants will now need to be costed under FEC requirements. The maximum amount, to include all FEC costings are now £2,750 for Rapid Response Grants. In other words, £2200 (80%) is covered by NERC, the other £550 (20%) is to be recovered from the applicant's institute.

*As of 15 March 2014, Rapid Response Grants are no longer available to ship-based IODP participants (all 3 platforms) as well as shore-based participants on Mission Specific Platform (MSP) expeditions, as these individuals are eligible for Moratorium Awards.

Rapid Response Grants will be available to shore-based Science Party members of JOIDES Resolution and Chikyu expeditions, who are not eligible for the Moratorium Awards.

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