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What was the UKIODP Industrial Liaison panel has evolved into the ECORD ILP, and the membership is currently being refreshed. Following the decision in 2009 to concentrate the ILP’s activities in the Arctic, it was seen as more strategic for the ILP to cast a bigger net, and operate through Europe. UKIODP staff authored the ILP brochure to encourage Academic and Industry collaboration in Arctic Scientific Drilling. To further this effort, members of the ILP and ECORD attended the 2011 AAPG Arctic Conference -3P Arctic. For more information please contact Gilbert Camoin (camoin@cerege.fr), ECORD director and ILP coordinator. We in the UK programme will continue to contribute to the ILP.

Industry and academia...we need each other!

By Richard Davies (UK ILP Chair 2003-2008)

There are many instances where the collaboration between industry and academia has led to significant advances in the earth science discipline. We’ve got much to share - experience, sub-surface data and varied perspectives. In the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry for instance, economics and risk evaluation are key elements of the geoscientist’s job, whereas academics strive to tackle fundamental scientific problems, so the perspectives can be highly complementary.

But if we can make the collaboration work – the prize is high. The industry has a wealth of subsurface data, particularly 2D and 3D seismic reflection datasets invaluable for calibration of the shallower subsurface of most interest to academia that otherwise have to spend valuable time and money acquiring 2D seismic reflection. Can we not find ways to share these datasets? We do to some extent but more can be done. Sharing goes beyond data; there are drilling, coring and logging technologies that can also be transferred in both directions. The hurdles are not insignificant, but to try and optimise the synergies the UK IODP has set up an industrial liaison panel (ILP), composed of industrial geoscientists, with current research interests. The panel aims to bridge these gaps and ensure that both parties can assist, and mutually benefit.

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