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UK-IODP Programme Advisory Group

The Programme Advisory Group (PAG) is tasked with advising NERC, via the Science Coordinator and the Programme Executive Board on the delivery of the programme, recommending the award of research funds, and the integration of programme science. PAG typically meets twice per year. The PAG comprises a chair, and ESO and NERC representatives, the Science Coordinator, and UK delegates of the IODP Science Evaluation Panel (SEP), and the Environmental Protection and Safety Panel (EPSP) (http://www.iodp.org/facility-boards) , which advise Facility Boards on the science, environmental protection, and safety of proposed expedition sites.

UK IODP Programme Advisory Group (PAG) Membership
Member Science Advisory Structure (SAS) Panel Panel start date Panel end date PAG membership end date
Damon Teagle, Southampton PAG Chair N/A N/A September 2018
Sally Morgan, Leicester KE Fellow N/A N/A October 2017
Steve Bohaty, Southampton SEP (former) January 2015 July 2017 July 2018
David Long, BGS EPSP September 2014 September 2017 September 2018
Anthony Morris, Plymouth ESSAC August 2015 August 2018 August 2019
Paul Wilson, Southampton JR Facilities Board October 2015 October 2018 October 2019
Andrew McCaig, Leeds SEP (Science) January 2016 July 2018 July 2019
Rebecca Bell, Imperial SEP (Site) July 2016 January 2019 January 2020
Kate Littler, Exeter ESSAC (alternate) March 2016 August 2018 August 2019
Mike Lovell, Southampton IODP Curatorial Advisory Board
Kevin Pickering, UCL SEP (Science)
Kirstin Johnson, BGS UK IODP Science Coordinator
Jess Surma, NERC Deputy Programme Manager
Daniel Knight, NERC Programme Administrator
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