Data Licensing

The Tellus project has prepared a comprehensive data licensing document detailing the data available for licensing and the charges applicable; this is a technical document containing survey specifications. You can download the data licensing document in PDF format or request a printed copy from the GSNI. Selected text from this document is presented below.


The Tellus Project is the most concentrated geological mapping project ever undertaken in Northern Ireland. The project, managed by GSNI, has produced new geochemical and geophysical maps and digital data sets that will extend and deepen our knowledge of the geology, soils, surface water, natural resources and environment of Northern Ireland.

These results will interest everyone concerned with the strategic management of the environment and natural resources in Northern Ireland:

  • planners, regulators and policy makers
  • central and local government officers
  • Earth and environmental scientists and managers
  • environmental health officers
  • agricultural industry
  • extractive and energy industries

These data were collected over the whole land surface of Northern Ireland between 2004 and 2006. The datasets now available also include geochemical data from streams in western Northern Ireland collected between 1994 and 1996.

Data will be released under a simple licensing scheme. Annual licence fees, which are a small fraction of the cost of data acquisition and processing, will apply. Licensing fees may be waived for research organisations and universities presenting a proposal for research that serves the aims of the project.

Before applying to license the data, you are invited to visit GSNI to view the data available and discuss their application with our specialists.

Geophysical data

Acquisition and processing

Geophysical data were collected in 2005 and 2006 by the Joint Airborne-geoscience Capability (JAC), a joint venture between the Finnish Geological Survey (GTK) and the British Geological Survey (BGS). Magnetic, electromagnetic and terrestrial gamma-radiation (radiometric) data were recorded.

Data were acquired for 80 458 line km of survey. Flight lines were spaced 200 m apart in the direction 165–345 degrees. The survey was flown with a nominal ground clearance of 56 m in rural areas and 240 m in urban areas, with sample intervals of 7 m (magnetics), 17.5 m (electromagnetics) and 70 m (gamma radiation).

Corrected digital data are available in along-line or gridded (40x40 m) formats. Digital data of commonly used derived products are also available.

  1. Total magnetic intensity
  2. Gamma radiation (total count and potassium (K), equivalent uranium (eU), and equivalent thorium (eTh))
  3. Electromagnetics (including in-phase, out-of phase, apparent conductivity and depth inversions for two frequencies)
  4. Transformations (filters): various common magnetic field transformations; radiometric ratios or ternary grids

Geochemical data

The Tellus project collected samples of soils, stream sediments and stream waters across Northern Ireland.

Rural soil survey

  1. Samples collected at 5–20 cm depth with a sampling density of 1 sample per 2 km2 were analysed for 52 inorganic elements and compounds by XRF. Soil pH and loss-on-ignition (LOI) were also measured. See Appendix 2.1 for a complete list of analytes.
  2. Samples collected at 35-50 cm depth with a sample density of 1 per 2 km2 were analysed by fire assay for Au, PGE (Pt, Pd) and for sulphate by ICP (aqua regia digest).

Stream surveys

The Tellus Project collected stream sediment and stream waters samples from 1st and 2nd order streams over eastern Northern Ireland at an average density of one sample per 2.15 km2.

These samples were analysed for 58 elements and compounds as follows:

  1. sediments by XRF and fire-assay
  2. waters by ion chromatography and ICP

The data available include stream sediment (39 analytes) and waters (41 analytes) data from a previous (1994–1996) survey of western Northern Ireland.

Digital data formats

Data are supplied in ASCII format for use in all major software packages. Geosoft Oasis montaj grids are available for the geophysical data.

Geochemical data

Data are supplied in the following format:

  1. ASCII or .TXT file

Geophysical data

Data are available in along-line data supplied in the following formats:

  2. Geosoft Geodatabase .GDB

Grids can be supplied in Geosoft Oasis montaj format. Grids are produced using bi-directional gridding at 40 x 40 m cell size.

Standard magnetic data transformations and radiometric ratios can also be supplied in 40 x 40 m grid format using Gesoft Oasis montaj™ MAGMAP software. The range of magnetic filters can be seen on the Geosoft website

GeoTIFF files of the 1:250 000 Geophysical Series maps are supplied at 300dpi. A list of these maps can be found in the data licensing PDF.

1:250 000 Series paper maps

A range of maps of the full data for Northern Ireland are available in paper format with an Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland topographic underlay. A list of these maps can be found in the data licensing PDF.

Last Updated: 21st September 2007