Introduction to the News Media for Irish Geoscientists

Introduction to the News Media for Irish Geoscientists seminar, Thursday 17th May 2012 at The Royal Irish Academy in Dublin from 1.30pm to 6pm.

What is this event?

A beginner’s guide to the media, giving an insight into the way the news media works.  You will get a tour of some of the key issues, hearing from journalists, press officers and other scientists about:

  • the deadlines that journalists work to
  • the role of the editor
  • how journalists find stories
  • top tips for dealing with the media
  • the role of the press officer
  • the importance of engaging with the media

What scientists who have previously attended this event say

  • It gave me a good insight into why the media view is so different- and makes me listen to the views expressed now in a different light.
  • Have already had some contacts with the media, but was very nice to hear things from their point of view. Must be said, have not appreciated fully the time pressures they work under.
  • I found it one of the most rewarding uses of an afternoon that I can remember.
  • I found the event very interesting and useful. I feel more comfortable with the idea of talking to journalists now.
  • I thought it was great and gave me at least 5 major take home points which I will use in the future.
  • Really enjoyed the meeting and found it very informative.
  • We have needed an event like this for a long time.

Is it for you?

This is only for geoscientists who have not had much/any media experience before – we are limited on space so please don’t come along if you are already media trained or have lots of experience of dealing with journalists.

The event will be divided up into two sessions punctuated by a tea/coffee break, and we’ll finish off over a glass of wine and the opportunity to network informally with your peers. Download a flier for a list of speakers.

The event costs €20 and due to the size of the lecture theatre, numbers will be limited so we are keen that these limited places are taken by those of you who will benefit most from this event. Please only register if you are absolutely sure you can attend this seminar and it is definitely in your diary as places are limited.


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Last Updated: 4th May 2012