Whilst there has been limited petroleum exploration in Northern Ireland there are a reasonable number of publications — books, memoirs, reports and papers in scientific journals — that are relevant to the geology of Northern Ireland in general and petroleum geology in particular.

In terms of the regional geology, the primary source of information is the The Geology of Northern Ireland — Our Natural Foundation (ed. Mitchell) published in 2004 by the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland. This Regional Guide accompanies the published 1:250 000 bedrock (1997) and superficial (1991) maps.

Other GSNI maps, memoirs and technical reports describe the geology of different areas of Northern Ireland in more detail.

Several publications of the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) contain information relevant to the petroleum geology of parts of Northern Ireland, particularly that of the Northwest Irish Carboniferous Basin. Please visit the GSI website for further details.

In addition, there are useful papers in several of the geoscience journals (Journal of the Geological Society, Journal of Petroleum Geoscience, Scottish Journal of Geology, Irish Journal of Earth Sciences, Geological Journal etc). In particular, individual volumes in the Special Publications of the Geological Society of London series have been published on the petroleum geology of the basins around, Ireland, the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Seaboard, and these all contain papers relevant to Northern Ireland.

Last Updated: 29th June 2010