Between Rocks and Hard Places

Discovering Ireland's Northern Landscapes

The story of how the Earth shaped the spectacular landscape and shaped life in the northern part of Ireland is both amazing and facinating.

Writing for the popular audience, geologist Paul Lyle explains how the rocks around us contain the secrets of distant events and that rocks have shaped our landscape, the natural resources we possess and the way we live, work and even sleep.

You will discover that...

  • Ireland was once divided into two parts by an ocean
  • Stone axes made in Co. Antrim were probably the first goods to be exported from Ireland
  • The shape of Irish cottages was influenced by tumultuous geological episodes that took places millions of years ago
  • Chalk from Northern Ireland keeps road markings in Europe whiter than white

This is a must-have table-top book written in a highly readable and accessible style.

Hardcover: 120 pages
Size: 11.5in x 10in
First published: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-337-09587-0
Price: UK £16.99

To order contact the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland by Telephone on 028 9038 8462 or by e-mail

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Last Updated: 25th October 2010