The GIG is an affiliated group of the Geological Society and the UK affiliate of the International Association of Mathematical Geologists.

We invite you to read our formal constitution.

The objectives of the Geoscience Information Group are:

To achieve these objectives the GIG organises several conferences each year covering the a wide variety of relevant topics.
Recent meetings include:

Where appropriate conference papers are published. Recent publications have included Geological Society Special Publication 97 'Geological data management '; a forthcoming thematic paper set in Computers & Geosciences resulting from the ' data standards in geological computing' conference and a thematic volume of Electronic Geology derived from the ' geological visualisation - the intelligent picture?' conference.

Advanced details of meeting are published in Geoscientist, these pages and the mail list. These are supplemented by occasional direct mailings of information to members.

Membership is open to all who have a genuine interest in the subject. It is free to to all grades of membership of the Geological Society and International Association of Mathematical Geology. Membership is also free to students. To all others there is a charge of £5.00 sterling each year. A membership form is available on the WWW.

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