GeoIndex Data Enquiry Form

Section A - Description of information required

In the window below give the name of the dataset(s) you wish to enquire about, together with the specific details of your enquiry. Define your geographical area of interest in Section C.

Does this request relate to a previous enquiry?   Yes No

If yes please give your reference number if known: 

Section B - Your details

Your name:
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Section C - Location details (if applicable)

You must specify one of A (rectangle), B (circle) or C (other) below for an enquiry about a particular area of the map. Before entering co-ordinates for eastings and northings (or longitude/latitude) onto this form please make sure you have navigated to your chosen area of interest on the map.
An example of how to fill in the boxes for a rectangular-shaped area of enquiry is given below.

  1. Place your mouse on the bottom left hand corner of your area and make a note of the co-ordinates on the top right hand corner of the map window (just above the transparency slider). The two six figure co-ordinates you see there are the eastings and northings respectively for your chosen point.
  2. Move your mouse to the top right hand corner of your area and repeat step 1.
  3. Return to this form and fill in the BL corner (bottom left) and TR corner (top right) boxes.
    For example if your chosen area was a rectangle surrounding Nottingham, you would enter the following two pairs of co-ordinates:-
    BL:  448732 , 334923
    TR:  465163 , 346447
    Ensure you enter the numbers in the manner that they have been written above - ie. easting first followed by a comma with a space on either side, and the northing last.
  4. Type the town name nearest to the middle of the enquiry area in the 'Name' box.

* Please note: you must choose either option A or C for enquiries about geochemical datasets.

A BL corner
  TR corner
B Circle centered at:-*
  Radius (Kilometres)
C Other eg. county

To send your order by email please click the Submit enquiry button.