Mobilising the geoscience community behind an outreach/education initiative


The ESEF called a special meeting on 17 November 2016 to explore how the geoscience community could harness its expertise and enthusiasm behind an education/outreach initiative.

For example

  • On a single day in May 2015 nearly 10,000 members of the public experienced 50+ geological field trips led by 500+ geoscientists across Spain
  • Canadian regions devised geoscience posters in collaboration with schools across the country
  • On Geoheritage Day in Ottawa, small groups of geoscientists stationed at sites of geoscientific interest successfully engaged the public across the city

Given these examples – what could we do?


The workshop was opened by a series of presentations that illustrated the kinds of intiatives underway in the UK and elsewhere in the world.


We have continued working on the 'Mobilising' initiative since our November 2016 meeting and you will find the results of our efforts attached as:

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