ESEF Cymru was launched in 2006 at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff by the First Minister of Wales, the Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan AM.

ESEF Cymru was formed to support earth science education in Wales. It is administered by the Earth Science Education Forum for England and Wales and the National Museum of Wales. The aim of the Forum is to promote earth science in education, bringing together all relevant organisations in pursuit of this aim.

ESEF Cymru does not cut across the very good initiatives that already exist, but seeks to enhance their recognition and worth—working with them to facilitate communication by providing a focal point and database.

The Forum is inclusive, involving:
  • Primary, secondary, further education (FE) and higher education (HE) teachers, lecturers and technicians
  • Amateurs with an interest and students in professional or vocational training
  • Industrial and trade partners
  • Regulatory and planning organisations
  • Environmental, conservation and heritage groups
  • Community groups
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