All-Party Parliamentary Group for Earth Sciences


The Group, founded by Professor Allan Rogers (former MP for the Rhondda), first met on 5 April 2000 and meets when the House is sitting. The Group provides a forum for debate and an opportunity for MPs to be informed about Earth and Environmental sciences.

The Group has had more than 80 meetings at which more than 150 presentations have been given and attendees have participated in discussion and debate on a wide range of topical issues, including flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes, nuclear waste disposal, minerals and mining, fossil fuels and alternative energy, coastal erosion, climate change, land contamination, landslides, and aggregates etc. Two full-day conferences have also been held; the first in October 2004 ‘Improving the Effectiveness of Education Resources for Earth Science and Industry’ and the second in November 2005 ‘National Disasters Day’. In addition an AGM has been held each year and the Group has been re-convened after General Elections in 2001, 2005 and 2010.


Professor Allan Rogers MP (2000-2001)
Jane Griffiths MP (2001-2005)
Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP (2005-2010)
Martin Caton MP (since 2010)

Rt Hon Gillian Shepherd MP (2000-2005)
Jane Griffiths MP (2000-2001)
The Duke of Montrose (since 2005)
Martin Caton MP (2005-2010)
Roger Williams MP (since 2010)

Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP (since 2010)

Lord Oxburgh (since 2000)

Administrative Secretary
Cally Oldershaw FGS FGA DGA CGeol EurGeol (since 2000)

Current Officers

Chair Martin Caton MP Lab
Vice Chairs Roger Williams
Duke of Montrose
Treasurer Lord Oxburgh CB
Secretary Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP Lab
Administrative Secretary Cally Oldershaw  


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